Wherever you go, always bring your own sunshine

Empty pickle jar

Hi everyone!

So as scary as this is, I’m excited to do my VERY first post ever on my blog!  While I’m using this blog to journal my health/fitness/running journey, I wasn’t sure what to write about first.  As I was brainstorming, my email inbox lit up with an incoming email from my dad, labeled: Empty Pickle Jar. After watching this quick video, I knew I wanted my first post to be about this.   It’s 3 min long, but it’s a lesson that can last you a lifetime and remind you what life should be all about. (just hit the “back” button after you watch)


The pickle jar represents your life.  We are given this one precious life, this gift, and YOU make the decision of how you want to fill it.  The golf balls, represent what should make up the most of your life.  The things that should make you most happy….or will result in happiness.  Filling your life with important people, whether it be your family members or friends…these are the people that help shape you into who you are and make your life most worthwhile.  Next, health.  Health is so important, b/c we are given this one body, this one temple, that makes our life so amazing.  Think of all the fun things your body does for you every single day.   The healthier we are, and the better we treat our body, the better it responds, and the better we feel!   The better we feel, the happier we are!  Why not give your body the best energy it can receive?

The “pebbles” represent the next important things that should fill your life.  They are a part of your every day– your job, your home, your car.  These things can be even more enjoyable, b/c of the “golf balls” in your life :)– your friends and family.

Now the sand.  You always hear the saying “don’t sweat the small stuff”.    There are lots of things we go through in every day life that can taint our mind, worry us, or make us second guess ourselves.    You don’t like the number you see on the scale, or your house is a pit and you skip dinner out with friends to clean.   You and a coworker or family member don’t see eye to eye on something, or you don’t get all your errands done before picking the kids up at school.  If you dwell on all of these “small”, less important things in life, then you forget about the things that REALLY matter.

Fill your life with positive people and good health.  Make them your priorities.  Laugh, make memories, move your body,  fill it with good energy, and good things will happen!   This world can be so consumed with stress and sometimes we forget whats really important!  EVERY DAY is a gift, and the quality of your days, is your gift to yourself.  So fill your life with GOLFBALLS, and you will go places my friend!!  And I can almost guarantee you will do it with a smile on your face…which brings me to my favorite quote:  Wherever you go, always bring your own sunshine 🙂

Thanks for reading my FIRST blog ever!  And thank you Dad, for reminding me about the Golfballs in life:) XOXO

love stephy xo