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Active Saturday Part 1: Boston running tour!

on July 22, 2012

Well its a beautiful day in South Boston and I just got a nice walk in to help with my sore muscles from my Fitness Saturday yesterday!!!

The morning started with a Boston running tour http://www.runboston.org/ that a few of my friends and I had signed up for with Groupon.  Love those city deals!!  Its a great way to try new things that you normally never would!  And a great way to save money on things you do all the time 🙂  I get so excited when I get a yoga or exercise class for discount…..and the massages and manis/pedis dont hurt either!  lol

So the tour was just under 5 miles or so.  Now even though I’ve been running/ training for this Disney race, I have never run with a group.  I like to get my tunes going, get in that mind set of getting my run done, and go at my own pace.  So I was nervous about not being able to keep up, but we made enough stops to learn super cool fun facts about Boston, so I never got too tired.   Did you know the bridge going over into Charlestown is the bridge they filmed in The Town?   Oh, and side note:  the flower shop around the corner from me is the one in that movie too!  I got to watch yummy Ben Affleck film his scenes during production.  Yummy.  Deeeelish.  Adorbs.  oh, sorry, I digress.   So anywho, we made stops about every half mile or so, but I must say in between we ran at a pretty fast pace!  My goal is to run a 10 min/ mile all the time, but we ran anywhere from 8.5 min miles to 10 min/miles or so the whole time.  So it was a nice little HIIT workout!  Short rests and bust out in between!!!  It started at the State House near Boston common, then headed to TD Banknorth Garden- where all our favorite teams of the Bruins and Celtics play!  Next we headed to the North end, then Faneuil Hall, up to the Old State house, then to the Boston common, around Newbury st, Comm Ave and ended at the State House.

At the end we got tshirts – that were shamrocks with a sneaker and said RunBoston.  A few of my friends wore them during the tour which was kinda cool so people knew as we ran by that we were a part of a group.  As we ran down the cobblestones of Boston (which is almost as hard as heels!!!!!) you would hear people say “oh watch out for the runners!”  or jokingly say “Boston Marathoners coming through!”   As I heard these things i thought to myself “if you ever told me I’d be running thru boston on a RUNNING tour, (for fun no less!!! ) I would have thought you were crazy.  But i love what this running has done for me!!   Besides making me healthier and stronger, its opening up my world to new things!   One of my favorite parts of the run was when a couple other runners ran by us and one of them  “high fived” me.   Love Friendly runners!

After the tour ended we had a short cool down walk through Boston common and then headed home to quickly shower, eat and hyrdate….to get ready for PART 2  of HEALTHY SATURDAY!!!


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